Friday, January 30, 2015

Vallejo Model Wash Purchase & Information

The local hobby shop got some Vallejo Model wash in stock, and once I saw it, it started calling my name.


Vallejo's Page:

Mig production:

Mig washes on Michigan Toy Soldier Co site:  HERE

Mig site on Washes & filters, the differences & how to: 

AK washes on Michigan Toy Soldier Co site:  HERE

AK interactive weathering Products ON Ichiban Paiting 34 minutes :

Model dads review of PSC weathering products ( very good review):

Weathering small scale AFV:

YouTube tutorial Mig pigments & washes:

YouTube using Vallejo model washes:

YouTube Tutorial - Applying enamel washes:

Mig Wash/ Panel line video:

Doctor cranky review of AMMO by Mig Jimenez :

Weathering with vallejo Olive drab modulation and weathering kits (lots of handy tips): 

Washes: Using Oil Washes. by The Wargamers Consortium:  HERE

Ultimate Weathering Wash Tutorial  by International Scale Modeller: 37minutes LINK

Basic Inks & Washes Tutorial/ThePaintingClinic:
Making Magic wash on the Painting Clinic:

ThePaintingClinic/Begginners Guide... Part 2-Washes & Filters :
ThePaintingClinic/Begginners Guide to Building a Plastic Models Part 1:
ThePaintingClinic/Begginners Guide to Building a Plastic Models Part 3:

How to make washes from inks from AwesomePaintJob:

Missing-Lynx alternative approach to weathering HERE  Author uses Aztek 470 with tan tip, Tamiya paint and 70% alcohol to 30% paint @ 30psi

AK interactive weathering Products ON Ichiban Paiting 34 minutes :

Airbrushing Preperation list early 2015

This is a list of Items needed to collect for a airbrush session as compiled as of beginning of 2015


∆   Air Compressor
∆   Electrical Extension Cord & power strip
∆   Airbrush (Aztek 470)
∆  Airbrush Tips
∆  Various size color cups for airbrush
∆  Airbrush Thinner (Vallejo)
∆  Airbrush Cleaner (Vallejo)
∆  Bottle of Distilled Water
∆  3"n"1 Cleaning Pot
∆  Airbrush Holder (Badger brand) w/ rubber band to hold brush
∆  Small stiff brush:  for cleaning airbrush tip w/ airbrush cleaner
∆  Small glass paint jar filled with airbrush thinner
∆  Small glass paint jar filled with airbrush cleaner
∆  Medium glass paint jar filled with distilled water
∆  seal-able 8oz jar of water / to washand store in water color cups
∆  Can of compressed air / for blowing off models before painting
∆  Paper towels and cotton rags / for clean up and blotters
∆  coffee stir sticks / for mixing paint
∆  Small glass paint jar filled with airbrush thinner
∆  latex gloves
∆  old CD's / for test spraying

version for print out

Sunday, January 18, 2015

MLK Tank Taco Airbrush Sessions

I do not know if Martin Luther King would approve of my hobby of creating a German vs Russian hate fest at Kursk in 15mm, but he may approve of the peaceful stress relieving effects the en-devour has on me after a week of fireworks at work.
 January and a Santa Ana was forecast and I was going to make a push on the hobby front

Saturday 1/17/2015
My original idea was to be spraying early (10am), but state worker Friday got in the way.  After a week of strategic sent eMails, I needed to blow off some steam, and a bunch of beers with a co-worker at home got in the way of my prep.  So Saturday morning, I spent prepping multiple models using hot glue techniques to adhere models to sticks that I stab into styrofoam for holding models in place. It was not till about 1:45 that I started spraying. I first started off with priming some 15mm soviets in Vallejo Dunkelgleb Surface Primer. I wanted to do a light spray, however I ended up giving figure a heavy base, that dried fine.   The airbrush worked well, the pressure was around 20-18psi
Next I started on the German AFV's. Originally I wanted to do a mix of 1:1 Vallejo Middlestone to Yellow Ochre, however I spent so much time prepping that I did not to have much day left, so I decided just to go with straight middlestone over primer of dunkelgleb surface primer, which I'm not sure was needed (not sure if there is reason not to treat surface primer like regular Model Air Paint)
   The temperature started dropping fast in my outdoor painting set up and the brush started clogging sporadically while spraying. The brush seem to stop spraying (hard to see when paint is being laid on model) at times, so I started pulling off the tip (i was using grey general purpose tip) and brushing the back of the tip with a brush soaked in airbrush cleaner and then putting tip back on and blowing cleaner thru brush.  However, I think that between the temperature dropping and the air getting much dryer, the Air Brush was clogging easier than usual.  I pushed the session until I finished all the german vehicles in middlestone.

List of Sprayed Items
Below: sprayed with Vallejo Surface Primer/Dunkelgleb RAL 7028  German Dark Yellow
35x PSC 15mm Soviet Infantry on 10 sticks
1x Zvezda 1/72 Soviet mortar team 
Below: sprayed with Vallejo model Air Middlestone 71.031 
 2x Zvezda 15mm Sd.kfz 251
1X Zvezda 15mm Pz.kpfw III
1x Zvezda 15mm Stug. III Ausf. B
1x Zvezda 15mm Pz IV Ausf. D (Camo pattern over Panzer Grey)
1x Armourfast 1/72nd Panther
Armourfast 1/72nd Panther Middlestone base

Zvezda 15mm Camo

Zvezda 15mm 251's

Sunday 1/18/2015
On Saturday I did not get to spray any green on the soviet vehicles, and that was main reason I was motivated keep spraying.  I started spraying at around 11am till about 1:40pm. The bush worked well the whole session, with no clogging.   It was warmer and I was also more organized, so spraying went smoother
List of Sprayed Items
Below: sprayed with Vallejo MA 1:1 ratio Russian Green 71.017 to Yellow Ochre 71.033 (did about 70drips of paint into paint cup with about a 1:6 ratio Paint thinner to Paint Mix.
 2x Zvezda 15mm T-34/76 (1940) : Info from Tim's Tank PART 1 & PART 2
2x Zvezda 15mm ZIS-5 3-ton truck
1x Zvezda BA-10: INFO from Tim's Tank.
1x 1x Zvezda British Matilda II (Lend Lease)

Below: sprayed with Vallejo MA 5:1:1 ratio(very ruff estimate) Yellow Ochre to Russian Green to Sand(Ivory)
1x Zvezda 1/72  Soviet 82mm mortar crew Link  I wanted to change the base color, want to green up Soviet base. So this is a test that will have Army Painter medium tone brushed on
9x figures Plastic Soldier Company 15mm Soviet Infantry. LINK I wanted to change the base color, want to green up Soviet base. So this is a test that will have Army Painter medium tone brushed on.

I'm happy with the 1:1 mix color on all the soviet, including these soviet trucks
Test of shooting on sprue
old color new mix comparison
BA-10 with missing headlight

Bottom upright figures are middlestone rest are mix with more green&Yellow Ochre

1x Zvezda 15mm German Truck
3x Canvas truck bed tops for zvezda german & soviet trucks   To be a gray canvas look for german and Khaki for 2 soviet trucks

Test spray during sunday session of Russian Green & Yellow Ochre. Top pie is 1:1 ration, and below is a serendipitous mixture of same colors with some Ivory.

Hand painted Model Air paint sample. Top pie slice picked for Soviet AFV's

Hand painted Model Air's dark yellows & greens sample

Misc. References:
∆ Most Excellent Dunkelgleg Flames of war comparison:  Excellent post -
∆ Sd.Kfz.251D's by PSC from Tim's Tank Blog:  PART 1PART 2PART 3, and Part 4 HERE. This is great explanation of the complete process! Tim's Tanks BLOG also demo's Zvezda 15mm Sd.Kfz 251B HERE. Also find most of the Zvezda 1/100 WWII under the TAG "Zvezda 15mm".
∆  Lightspeed on the Wrong Lane...  blog with the tag "1/100 soviet " HERE. This is really great stuff in 15mm and lots of PSC figures used.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy 2015 From Tank Taco

Shameless Grab from another Blog. Again!

Really looking forward to completing some of my resolutions going all the way back to 1974! I feel very good about making great progress in this new year with this hobby.

May All Your Modeling Go Well In The New Year of 2015!