Friday, October 9, 2015

Happy Tanktober!!!

Strumtiger pondered by U.S. troops
Strumtiger on Mini afv link HERE

It's my favorite time of year and Tanktober only makes it better. So I'll use this post to insert photos of some of my favorite tanks and links to some of my favorite sites, plus some current info that I'm looking at while I build my armies.  Thank Patton for Tanktober!

Tanktoberists Sites
The Originator - Dux Homunculorum:
The Man Cave:

My first love was a Sherman much like This Black Magic. That Sherman was near the Zoo in Lincohn, Nebraska & it stole my heart when I was around 6 years old

 My next infatuation was with the impressive Tiger I

The Soviet's T-34, considered by many as the greatest tank of WWII

T-28  US Tiger Killer that never saw action
Military History Now Article Here  & T-28 on WIKIPEDEA

The Beast that started it all
 Wikipedia on BRITISH Mark IV(above) &  British HEAVY Tanks of WWI.  Super Documentary about use of Mark version tanks in WW1.

Lincoln-Machine #1 on trials in 1915 & covered up and said to be a water tank

1st tank history HERE on "Tanks Encyclopdia" & the VIDEO about Little Willie
Great VIDEO  on history of tank "Invention of the tank"

A gaggle of Stug's for your enjoyment!


Painting 15mm fast:

15mm germans fast & dirty:
How I painted 15mm soviet infantry:
 Painting WWII magazine video review by ModelDads:
Black undercoat method for painting figures:
Squad painter on painting soviets(multiple posts):
WWII soviet painting guide by Steven's Balagan***:
Painting WWII soviet infantry- introduction: