Saturday, July 6, 2013

ROAD TO KURSK: 7/6 Rattel Can Paint Session

Son needed to paint at the same time as me. He is much more patriotic as me.
Tribute to Discount Beer, Paint Table Top Cover

Bic paint rack going in for first time

The noise compressor. In place & waiting for non rattle can session

Germans ready to go in Tamiya Field Grey

Soviets with TS-3 = XF60
Well I'm being total selfish

All the parties
Grey Vallejo Spray Can Primer Came Out with Frosty Texture. Not sure if I can smooth out texture with some sort of  buffing. I have not had good luck with this product.

Floquil Base Black Primer came out nice and smooth on this 20mm Metal German Officer.  I have had good luck with this Primer

German 15mm in front 20mm beind
Soviet color looks good so far

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