Saturday, August 2, 2014

We're Back, On a Special Day with a new focus

Its been quite a bit since I posted last. I had various projects going and no real focus. I knew I wanted to try war-gaming with the Battlegroup Kursk rule book, but I was not sure which scale, 1/72nd or 15mm?  I have lots of 1/72 and could build a large army with all the models I already have. However I have decided to go the 15mm route for several reasons including:
A)  15mm scale will be easier to store & I feel at this point that a smaller scale will allow for a larger battle area on a given sized table.
B) I plan to paint the armies as simple as possible while trying to keep some sense of presentation quality. I not going to be to picky about quality, since I'm am still in an early stage of learning to paint, let alone basing and other disciplines to be learned. I'm hoping to learn many techniques, while doing German & Soviet 15mm armies, that I'll be able to take to larger scales.
C) I believe 15mm will be more economic on cost & time
D) I want to build 2 armies (relatively) fast & believe 15mm will work best
E) have lots of paper buildings and terrain that are scaled or scalable to 15mm

I still need to read through text and see what I might be able to assemble fast enough (either 15mm or 1/72).
My goal is to have two opposing forces, German & Soviet, in 15mm by start of 2015
Let's see if I can keep to my goal

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