Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Presidents Holiday Hand Paint Session, or You can go to war with the army you want

February 14th - 18th
Middle Stone on tank tracks & touch up. Did not have Model Color Middle Stone, so used Model Air and Dunkelgleb surface primer
Painted black on wheels of Trucks, Vehicles, and tracks.  Used heavy diluted black and other mixes.
Paint soviet truck windows.
Paint soviet trucks canvas covers in base coat. One in Khaki the other in Khaki Grey
Dry Brush 15mm & 1/72nd soviets.


This is video that inspired me to thin black paint for painting wheels:
Guide on how to paint tank track wheels(search"painting model wheels):
Painting windows on 15mm trucks FOW:
complete paint & weathering of 15mm tank:

Airbrush equip review:

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