Thursday, April 23, 2015

Epoch of my pre-pubescent Hobbing 1974

Quite the title. This was a time when I transitioned from pursuing building models to surfing. Days after this photo I started surfing and gave up modeling for about 23 years.

Models Shown:
∆ Jagpanther
Review of 1/25 model on Modelers Alliance HERE

TV Memories of that era and earlier and later eras (Enjoy!)
Saturday Morning

HR Pufnstuf  (Sid&Marty Krofft)
#1 The Magic Path:
102 The Wheely Bird:

Land of the Lost  (Sid&Marty Krofft)
#1 " Cha Ka" (1974):

Lidsville  (Sid&Marty Krofft)
Girl for Hoo Doo:

Sigmund The Seamonster (Sid&Marty Krofft)
 Holloween :

The Bugaloos
Home is our Hassle:

The Lost Saucer

The Ghost Buster (Sid & Marty Krofft) 1975

Far Out Space Nuts (Sid&Marty Krofft)
It's all in your mind:

The Kroffts Supershow
Opening Theme:

The not so great race:

Magic Mongo (The Krofft Supershow)
The Kissing Bandit:

Doctor Shrinker (The Krofft Supershow)
The Other Brad:

Electra Woman & Dyna Girl (The Krofft Supershow)
The Empress of Evil:
Unaired Pilot:

Kaptain Kool & The Kongs 76-77:

Si Rose Interview:
The Secrets of Isis

Groovie Goolies

The Hudson Brothers Razzle Dazzle Show - 1974:

The Monkees
Unaired Pilot Episode:
Better version:
The Wild Monkees:

More Cartoons to Reference: Josie & The Pussy Cats, Hong Kong Phoey, The Oddball Couple, Chan Clan, Goober and the Ghost Chasers, Addams Family, Funky Phantom, Lancelot Link, Gilligan Planet, Jackson 5, Star Trek, Shazam

Saturday Morning Memories 1964-1976:
Classic '60s & '70's Commercials:
36+ New TV Shows of Fall TV 1963:
CBS 1966-67 Fall Preview:
The 16 new shows of ABC fall TV 1966:
Memories of 1968 - Where were you?:
NBC 1969-70 TV Fall Promo Special:
23 new shows of fall tv 1969:
28 shows of ABC summer 1968:
CBS 1968-69 Fall Preview:
ABC Fall Preview 1970: 
25 new shows of fall 1972:
ABC 1974-75 Fall Preview:
27 intros to a lot of bad 70's tv shows:
19 more Good, bad, & Ugly 70's TV intros(+2):
Fantasy 60's TV lineup 1966-69:
9 tv sitcoms theme - one season wonders of the 1970's:
60's Commercials :
13 Sci-Fi TV Series Failures of the Late 70's:
11 intros to Tacky 80's Sci-Fi's:
18 Short Lived Sitcoms of the 70's:
Strangest TV pilots ever:
The Solarnaughts (1967):
Star Trek unaired Version 2nd Plot Intro:
Star Trek unaired Version 2nd Plot RECONSTRUCTED  :
Childhood Memories, 1960's and 70's:
20 classic 60s'-70's TV commercials:
Vintage TV Adds 50's, 60's & 70's:
70's Rare Retro Toy Adds:
Memories of 1977 - where were you?:
I love 1978:
The TV Season that almost Wasn't 1980-81:
I Love the 80's (1980):
ABC Fall Promo Reel 1982:

58 TV Adds from 1977:
22 New shows of Fall TV 1977:
22 New Shows of Fall 1983:
Awesome 80's TV Adds part 1:

The Early 1660's - A Time of Innocence:
The Sixties - Years that shaped a Generation(2hr doc. 2005):
Born Dropped out- 12 questions for hippie kids (20min. doc):
What The 1960's Did to America:

Dinosaurs (circa 1990)
Into [1:04]:
I'm The Baby, Gotta Love Me (Music Video) [3:20]:

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