Sunday, August 9, 2015

Basing Dilemma

 My basic Basing dilemma


25mm Magnetic Bases (25count) by GaleForce Nine Magnetic Gaming Aids

Citadels Mixed Base Pack 1 (28 count) containing 20 32mm round bases, 5x 75mmx46mm oval bases, and 3x 50mm round bases

Various Zinc Washers from Home Depot, including sizes #10(1/2"round), 1-1/4" round, 1-1/2"round and various other sizes
Another ref.: HERE here 

• Bill Werks' Blog on Washer Bases HERE ,Another BLOG about gluing washer to bottom of Gameworks base     

J-B Weld : for filing in the holes on washers.

RUST-OLEUM Aluminum Primer

Blogs on Washer Bases. Searched by: wargaming with zinc washer bases
 Basing on Fender washers video:

Magnetic Bases:
 Site selling them     

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