Saturday, January 26, 2013

Italeri 1/35 German PzKpfw 38(t)

Comments: Back in the late 90's I started looking at models again for the 1st time since I was 13. My first tank in this Renaissance was a 1/72 Tiger I. After building and painting that, I saw that the Hobby Store had moved, and I stopped in to see what they had. I was blown away with all the cool tank models they had. Tons of tanks I had never seen before. Although I was seriously tempted by some WWI tanks, I went for this 1/35 German Panzer because I thought it looked so cool. I still like the look of this tank design. The model is about 70% completed. I painted it by hand with Tamiya paint and I was so disappointed with look of the paint job that I didn't complete it. I thought I can't waste my time on these models unless the paint looks realistic, and I thought I would have to pick up a airbrush to do the model justice. Well now I understand that hand painting Tamiya paint was probably a impossible task. I think if I would of had Vallejo paints back then, I would of kept the up with the hobby instead of waiting over a decade to take it up again. Well there is still hope for this model with a little sanding and a repaint. The model is at a perfect point in the construction to pull off a repaint. I hope to make a decent diorama with this and some of the other 1/35 models I have in order to make a good early war scene in France or Russia

History: Wikipedia on PzKpfw 38(t), Info on, Panzer Color Info 



Progress: About 70% completed with poor hand painted Panzer Grey(XF-63) paint job in Tamiya paint

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