Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Model Goals for 2013 & Future

For 2013
Axis Vehicles in Kit: Academy 1/72nd WWII Allied & Axis Ground Vehicle Series-1

Panther from: Armourfast 1/72nd WWII (Panzer V) Panther AUSF G

Armourfest 1/72 WWII German StuIG 33B

Officer figure and some troops from: Revell 1/72nd WWII German Armoured Infantry

Pegasus 1/72nd WWII Russian Infantry

Zvezda 1/72nd Soviet Infantry Platoon Kursk,1943

Pegasus 1/72nd WWII German Mortar Teams (Granatwerfer)

Zvezda 1/72nd WWII German Machinegun MG-34 with Crew

Hasegawa 1/72nd WWII German Infantry Attack Group

Plastic Soldier Company, 1/72nd WWII German & Russian Infantry

Future Projects goals:

 Tom Daniel Designs

  Rommel's Rod: Super cool build,  Rommel Rod Review,  Tom Daniel's KIT

My old brother had this kit when we were kids. and everyone thought this kit was the coolest. The Herb Alpert song didn't hurt the popularity of this kit
Tijuana Taxi: Review of Taxi, Tom Daniel KIT,    Another Review HERE  

Another kit my old brother had this kit when we were kids, and I thought it was the neatest thing ever and probably started me on my space kick. Costs about $30.oo - 40.oo US. There is also a 1/48 kit also that maybe discontinued
Revell 1:24 Scale Gemini Space Capsule
Nice Review Here, Another NICE Review, Revell  USA Site,   Photo-Etch KIT by LVM STUDIOS,

Hoping for a productive 2013 & Model On!

Lost in Ad- ville and other pain relievers

70's Commercial , No.1#2, #3TOY Ads,  60's Ads #1#2#3#4, Ads, Weird Ads, Wacko Jacko Ad,

I had this set as a kid. The best part about it was waiting for it. When it came it was a disappointed when it showed. They where made of super hard plastic, about 1/24th scale, and flat almost 2 dimensional. If you stepped on one of these figures, it would cut you bad. I would love to have them now. This Youtube Clip clip of the era says it all

I ordered this set as a kid. I was very happy with it when it arrived.  It was around 1/72nd blue and red figures. Who said there was no dreams filled by these offers.

Never ordered this one, but I bet it was a good one.

Really blew it never sending in for this set.

This is before my time, But I would of been all over it. If my parents only new, or maybe they did?

Always wanted this one

I remember this lurking around the house, I'm sure my parents thought my brother could grow up to be a chemist

Another model my brother had. I forgot about it until he mentioned it the other day

HAPPY 2013 (-:

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