Sunday, December 21, 2014

It Has Arrived!!!

After trying to try the cheaper alternate option, I ordered the Army Painter "Quick Shade".  And if I can't make this work, then blame Army Painter for me giving up on the hobby.
I made quite the order from Michigan Toy Soldier Company and I will note links relating to those purchases Below.

- Army Painter Quick Shade "Strong" :
This is the Video that reinvigorated me. It talks of making whole army and has the techniques that I going to use. ThePaintingClinic The Basics: Painting US Infantry ::

-Army Painter - Static Steppe Grass :
How to make static grass clumps:
Making static grass clumps:
Static grass tutorial:
How to make a static grass applicator:  

-Army Painter - Precision Side Cutters

- Vallejo - Heavy Gloss (Transparent) Gel 30ml :  This was basically a mistake. What I meant to get was Vallejo Pumice Gel:
How to use Grey Pumice:
HobbyBlog on Pumice :

- Plastic Soldier - Decals:
*15mm & 1/72nd decals 2nd Pz Division @ Kursk
* 15mm decals Soviet Slogan
* 15mm decals Soviet Tac and Unit Signs, Stars and Gaurds (OUT of Stock at time)

- Osprey Publishing Materials:
 *OSP-MAA216  Red Army or the Great Patriotic War 1941-45
*OSP-MAA468  Men-at-Arms: WWII Soviet Armed Forces
*OSP-MAA311  German Army 1939-45 Blitzkrieg
*OSP-MAA311  German Army 1941-43 Eastern Front (OUT of STOCK)
*OSP-V028        Vanguard: Panzerkampfwagen IV Medium Tank 1936-45
*OSP-V037        Sturmgeschutz III &IV 1942-45
- Zvezda 15mm Vehicles:
Zvezda 15mm WWII German Sd.Kfz.251-1 Ausf.B (2x items)
Zvezda 15mm WWII Soviet Truck ZIS-5 (2x)
Zvezda 15mm WWII Soviet Rocket Launcher Katyusha (1x)
Zvezda 15mm WWII BA-10 Armored Car (1x)

Renedra Bases: 40mmx20mm & 25mmx50mm
& about Basing
 Dirty Jon's Basing Tutorial(15mmFOW) :
FOW bases made easy :
How to base w/ sand & static grass :
Basing Basic w/citadel product:

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