Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry X-mas from Tank Taco

It was a good Xmas. My son received a HO scale train that has been running in circle all Christmas long. He gave me a Tank from the local drug store (CVS) as a gift that turned out to be a Panzer IV, which turned out to be the same tank that I had just bought a Osprey Publication as a gift to my self.   It's a Xmas miracle!

Another Christmas miracle was getting some free time to put on test coat of Army Painter Quick Shade (Medium). It was a make or break moment for the future of me in this hobby, since my last attempt at shading with varnish was a horrible flop (the horror). But as I brushed on Quick Shade on to the only painted 15mm & 1/72 I had, which I had toiled over for far too long, and as the room was filled with the smell of turpentine cleaner & my sole was filled with the Xmas spirit, a Miracle happened once more, with the successful QuickShading of the figures, and thus an extension of my hobby pursuits into the future.

1/72 PSC MiddleStone 5:1 basecoat

Revell 1/72 LightGreenGrey basecoat

The Three Wise Men in 15mm. Bearing Gifts

Post & Pre QuickShade. Modle Air LightGreyGreen 4:1 w/white

1/72 & 15mm PSC Soviets MiddleStone 4:1 basecoat

1/72 Minwax Horror

15mm Soviet Horrors

15mm PSC German fighting dead, The HORROR!

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