Sunday, March 3, 2013

DUNKELGLEB RAL 7028, Color lost in History

Models in progress in Vallejo

I love this hobby. I restarted out on this hobby to take my mind off work and to pursue a spark of enthusiasm I had as a adolescent before dropping all aspects of scale modeling for the acceptance of new teenage peers. Roughly twenty year later I bought a couple models to take my mind off the 24/7 mind set I was in from running my own business. This was not a calculated decision but more of a yearning. After a couple of models, I boxed up the models for a dozen or so years and now I'm pursuing scale modeling again and trying to understand what void this hobby is filling and how it is doing it. Along with the intrinsic craft aspect of the hobby, I think it is the investigating of given subjects and the historic knowledge that is revealed as I delve into past details, facts & perceptions. I'm learning about history that is applicable to modern day life and this enthralls me.
     Dunkelgleb is the kind of subject that has the gravity which sucked me into this hobby at full speed. I originally went into the hobby shop just wanting a rattle can of the mustard color that WWII German tank were painted because the rattle can of Panzer Grey(Model Master FS 36076) was too dark for my taste, and I liked the look of that mustard color because it reminded me of my old "75 Toyota FJ40. I searched the Internet and decided what I needed was a can of Tamiya Dark Yellow(Tamiya TS3 85003). Well, the hobby shop guy said he did not have spray can of that color and probably would not be able to get it, because tamiya supplies were unpredictable( i think he could of but wanted to sell me a airbrush which he did months later..... To be continued

My Questions:
Why did Wehrmacht change from dark gray to dark yellow for there overall base color?
Does the dark yellow have better camouflage properties than dark gray and green and what are they?
If dunkelgrau was previous base color, was there camo schemes with dunkelgleb applied in field?

Dunkelgleb RAL 7028 (in English dark yellow)  Below are various links to sites & forums discussing the topic of Dukelgleb

Previous Tank Taco color info post including Dunkelgleb HERE & Vallejo color charts and other charts can be found HERE.

Dunkelgleb & Dunkelgrau Camo scheme: On Dunkelgrau for TIKI, Tiger I nÂș812 of 2SS Das Reich in march/april 1943 with over coat of dunkelgelb. dunkelgrau basecoat with 80% XF65 + 20% XF20, because the 1st attempt with only XF65 was too dark grey look to my taste.( tiki model sample: (  )
Panzer world on German Tank Colors:
Alt Colors for FOW armor:
Good Post w/paint swatch comparison and a useful quote on painting order for dunkelgleb
****Shade: Vallejo's Middlestone
****Mid-Tone: LC(lifecolor) mid tone
****Highlight: AK47 or LC highlight


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