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WWII Mid-War German Disruptive Pattern Colors

Various Info & Links about German 3 colour disruptive pattern Mid-WWII

Three Color Disruptive: February 1943 – Vehicles were painted with a base coat of dark yellow (Dunkelgelb).   Over this, stripes of olive-green (Olivgrün RAL 6003) and red-brown (Rotbraun RAL 8017) were applied by the maintenance sections and could be varied according to the terrain.
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Dunkelgleb RAL 7028 Dark Yellow: October 1942 – Dunkelgelb (RAL 7028) was a dark yellow color.  After October of 1942 it became a standard military color.  This color continued in use through out the war as a vehicle base coat and disruptive color pattern over olive green and red-brown primers.    Vallejo MC 882, Tamiya XF 60, Gunze H403

Olivgurn RAL 6003:  Stripes of olive-green (Olivgrün RAL 6003)   Vallejo MC 890 Reflective Green or 979 , Tamiya XF 58, Gunze H303/TC5

Rotbraun RAL 8017: stripes of red-brown (Rotbraun RAL 8017) Vallejo MC 826 or 872 chocolet Brown or 822, Tamiya XF 64, Gunze TC6

other ref colors:
Vallejo MC 967
Vallejo 71096
Vallejo 71042


Super German colour ref.*****
German Wehrmacht Camouflage RAL color WW2

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