Monday, August 19, 2013

August 16th thru 19th Pre Dip, Hand Paint Session

The menagerie of figures pre-dip in Minwax Polyshade
I painted these figure for the intention to dip the figures in Minwax Polyshades "Honey Gloss"(496). I want to see if this works rather than paying $30bucks for army painter dip. Minwax was about $8.50bucks. I based these figures in various colors and shades to see what my final Base coat color & shade should be.

I chosed to use coffee stir sticks to mount figures for painting. They worked well & I stuck them in styrofoam to hold  each figure between painting procedures. I also marked stick with paint color and ratio, inorder to keep details straight for the purpose of testing
I used coffee stir stick grabbed from Star Bucks and unattended coffee stations. I cut them in half & made sharp tip with  drummel tool. Latter I realized a good sprue cutter would of worked quicker and easier.

I tacked figures to sticks with super glue, then used PVA wood glue to make a more robust hold that can be undone later. Most figures were still on part of original sprues attached to base. I sometime glued spare piece of sprue to base when needed.
Colors and order of application:
1) Vallejo Basic Skin Tone 70.815 on figure flesh areas
2) Vallejo Kakie Grey 70.880 used on bag and some webbing then wanted to lighten it and made a 5:1 ration with Vallejo German Camo Beige 70.821 and painted bag with it.
Revell & Pegasus Soviets

PSC 1/72nd Hotty in Tamiya Dark Yellow (much greener than Vallejo) ready for a dip, after a little clean up on uniform.
Revell & Zvezda Soviets
Hat German Figures. Had problem with helmet color. DarkGreen  70.896 was to dark, along with German Grey 70.995 being to dark also so I went with Lonon Grey which may look better after dipping. I also did a couple german helmets in Luftwaffe Cam. Green 70.823 which looked acceptible. I thought I had the correct colors but it seems according to guides next time I'll try 70.967 Olive Green
1/72nd PSC German with London Grey Helmet & Pants. Looks good here to me

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