Friday, August 2, 2013

August 2nd 2013 Airbrush Session: Area 51 Jobe syndrome

Aztek $40 brush & 2new tips

Shot the following colors:
 1)Vallejo Dark Yellow Surface Primer 7028

2) Vallejo Model Air "Middle Stone"

3) Vallejo Model Air Surface Primer " German Brown". On Hat German WWII anti Tank Gun.

4)  Vallejo Model Air Surface Primer " Russian Green". Used on German soldiers & 1/32nd soviet soldier

5)  Vallejo Model Air "Light Green Grey".  Used on German soldier figures. Looks very close to Tamiya Field Grey.



What We Learned:
A)  Found out that Tamiya field grey is the same as Model Air Light Green Grey Are basically the same.
B)  Vallejo Model Air Surface Primer Dark Yellow  RAL 7028 is The Same as Model Air "Middle Stone" may be Middle Stone is slightly brighter





Cheepy Aztek brush on Badger holder.  Note: colr cup right befor I lost tiny black plug in lawn ( I knew I was going to loss a fiddily piece.)

Water Trap & Pressure Valve being held in place with Bogan Clamp&Arm, Works very well. Air Pressure worked well best between 22psi and 18psi. any lower that 18psi and tip clogged any higher and spray may splatter

Some of the session players

Some of the liquids involved. NOTE: brush which is dipped in Airbrush Thinner to keep tip clean, A MUST!

Spray Area Overview on Aug 2nd

More Info

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