Saturday, August 10, 2013

August 1st thru 4th Airbrush Session: Results & Info

PSC 1/72nd figure in Vallejo RAL 7028 Dark Yellow Surface Primer

Handy TT Uniform Info: for Germans HERE and Soviets HERE

Armourfast 1/72nd StuIG in Vallejo RAL 7028 Dark Yellow Surface Primer

Armourfast 1/72nd StuIG in Vallejo Model Air Panzer Olive Green with Silly Putty for 2nd color

Various paint subjects: 1/100th Sd.kfz.222, 1/72nd StugIII body, StuIG 33B w/ Camo pattern, 1/72nd Soviet figures

1/72nd StugIII ready for spray with Middle Stone

1/100 Sd.kfz.222 with Silly Putty mask

HAT 1/72nd German anti tank gun crew in Vallejo Light Gret Green (straight ratio)

Figure on Parade, various colors & shades

Aug 2nd Airbrush Session
Shot the following colors:
1)Vallejo Dark Yellow Surface Primer 7028. used on StuIG 33B & Soviet figures

2) Vallejo Model Air "Middle Stone" used on Soviet figures

3) Vallejo Model Air Surface Primer " German Brown". On Hat German WWII anti Tank Gun.

4)  Vallejo Model Air Surface Primer " Russian Green". Used on German soldiers & 1/32nd soviet soldier

5)  Vallejo Model Air "Light Green Grey".  Used on German soldier figures. Looks very close to Tamiya Field Grey.

Aug. 3rd 2013 Session 
1) Light Grey Green @ 5:1 ratio on 1/72 & 15mm german figures
2) Panzer Olive Green 71.096 Ratio Straight on StuIG 33B as camo & Stug III as base color. Also on HAT german anti tank gun (after german light brown surface primer)
3) Middle Stone @ 4:1 ratio

Aug. 4th 2013 Session
1) Panzer Olive Green - straight w/ .5 white tip.  Shot StugIII gun & 222 car camo
2) Light Grey Green 4:1 ratio w/ .5 white tip on German figures
3) Middle Stone 5:1 ratio w/ .5 white tip on soviet figures. Went through Middle Stone fast also temp cooled down & Moister increased and paint seemed to go on oddly. 

What We Learned:
A)  Found out that Tamiya field grey is the same as Model Air Light Green Grey Are basically the same.
B)  Vallejo Model Air Surface Primer Dark Yellow  RAL 7028 is The Same as Model Air "Middle Stone" may be Middle Stone is slightly brighter
• May have thinned paint too much sometimes usually 5 parts Paint to 1 part airbrush thinner. worked well with surface primer but not as well with regular Model Air.
• Small tip ( .4 black tip) seemed to have a more lumpy application on test CD's
• Ran air pressure between 22 - 18psi. raised to 30psi+ when cleaning brush
• Cleaning brush & Tips went very well this session
• almost messed up on ratio, was a little confused at first and had effect of ratio backward for a minute or so.
• had problems with Lighting. light was splotchy and hard to see model also background sometime it hard to see
• • had problems with holding models to hold sticks. need to work out better system.
• • had problems with moister around 5:30-6pm

••• Soviet color combo to try = Vallejo mix 75% US Dark green + 25% white. = 3:1 mix

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