Sunday, October 12, 2014

Tank Taco Research & References October 2014

 ------------------- Previous Tank Taco Reference Pages ------------------------------
Previous Tank Taco Favorite links from May 2013 Tank Taco
Tank Taco Paint inventory HERE
German AFV Camo colors: INFORMATION
German Dunkelgrau: German Grey
German Dunkelgleb: German Tank Yellow
Mid-War german camo: Here
Soviet AFV Colors: LINK HERE
Soviet Uniforms Ref.: Soviet Colors
More Soviet LINKS
German Uniforms Ref.: German Colors
Decals: INFO
----------------------- New Links -----------------------------------------------------------
How to thin model color for airbrush youTube. Interesting self made thinner:

Model color thinning:

Vallejo primer video:

Tutorial page lists/
Model Dads Tutorial list:
Model brush painting guides:
SD Forum:

On Colors  
Vallejo color Info:
Scale Model Paint Guide Part 2:  has good review of thinners and media:   has good review of thinners and media
miniature painting vallejo&Victrix:
15mm painting/
Model brush painting guides:
Model dads part1:
Model dads part2:
Model dads part3:

Dr. faust on painting 15mm:
Very GOOD  YouTube video US infrantry15mm all steps:

painting 15mm germans wwii grey
Model brush tutorial:
FOW Utube video:

painting 15mm Soviets wwii
How i painted tutorial:

best color for wwII solviet AFV tanks/
Soviet T-34 paint schemes:
Solviet camo discussion:
Vallejo video Russian Green set:
Discussion on Russian 4BO green or(?)FS24098:

best color for wwII German AFV tanks/
German Panzer paint schemes:
Dux Homunculorum:

PSC late war german heavy weaons at Kursk BGK
Using Heavy weapon w/ BGK & Basing Dicussion_Guild:

Army Painter Quick Shade/
Splash technique:

1hr 30min Video on airbrushing Hobby oriented:
basing & flocking:

magnets in turret for 15mm tanks/
FOW magnets:
Good DakkaDakka tutorial:

Airburshing & Spray booths Build own spray Booth/
How to make spray booth Military model:
How to make spray booth-Good detail blog write up:
TCP- paashe Hobby Paint spray booth :

WW2 Photo References:
WWII in Color:

Seam Line removal/
12min video tutorial:
15min video tutorial:


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