Sunday, December 30, 2012

AIRFIX & Heller 1/72nd WWII German Infantry

Comments: I'm embarrassed. In my middle age early jones for 1/72nd figures, I bought Airfix & Heller WWII German Infantry w/o realizing they were the same set, or even worse, maybe forgetting that I had realized that in the resent past. Well at least I have those memories of this being one of the earliest sets I ever had in 1/72nd. So early, I think I had the 1961 Airfix "type 1" version, but I do not remember that out of scale gun, but I do remember the dead German and the guy hugging his Panzerfaust . I know I had the 1974 version, however that was around the end of my modeling time, which could not of gone on too much later than 1976. I started with 1/32 & 1/35 figures & worked my way down in scale. I had all my 1/72nd scale figures in a 1960's G.I. Joe footlocker that my older brother had when he was younger. How we covet things from our elders.
  For being a set from the 60's that is closer to 1/76th scale, I think it hold up pretty well. Flash is low for these early kits, and I like some of the poses. The officer shooting a Luger could be very handy. His smaller size could be realistic shooting out a tank turret. The guy bent over covering his ears seems to have multiple uses, such as: a shot soldier, or working with artillery crew, or just being shell shocked from a near by explosion. The German with the Kleinflammenwerfer (German for Flamethrower) is rarely seen in set and is handy, although I've just acquired a Zvezda kit that has one very nice flamethrower.
   I really like the Box Art from the more recent airfix box (here). It looks real nice with the figures in the representation reflecting the look of the 1/72nd figures. the composition with the action, colors and logo placement feels very commercially optimal. The very bottom image in this blog's title images of Heller's box with German in goggles, looks very cool but does not seem to reflect what is in set, or does that really matter?
    I think I've given out too many details already


Reviews: Plastic Soldier Review (PSR) Airfix version, Heller Info, and early Airfix "Type 1


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