Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pegasus 1/72nd WWII US Rangers D-Day

Comments: This is a great kit. More dead, dying & wounded soldiers making it realistic for carnage during D-Day. The figures seem a bit small. I really love the exploding guys, the medics working on wounded and the terrain pieces. This was one of the first kits of 1/72nd I purchase during my current metamorphosis. I was frustrated at lack of quality US Army figure kits that I was finding at Hobby Shop, though this set did not let me down. It was after buying this kit that I decided to focus more on the action on the eastern front. I'm planning to convert many of these Rangers to Soviets for battle of Kursk. Sorry boys Uncle Joe needs you :-(  At some time in the future I hope to do Justice of the Normandy Landings genre.


Reviews: PSR Review


Progress: Washed, Partially assembled

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